At Boyd Marketing, our clients appreciate our transparent pricing and understand our rates are what’s required to provide the level of service they expect.

We also understand that each client has unique needs and goals. So we offer a wide array of solutions to meet these diverse requirements.

Hourly Rate:

Our hourly rate pricing structure is only utilized for tasks falling outside the scope of an existing, active engagement, preliminary diagnostics, and one-off consultations.

We offer two types of hourly rates:

Blended rate: This is a single rate of $325 that applies to all our team members, regardless of their role. This is a cost-effective option when you require various types of expertise for a specific task or project.

Specialist rate: This pricing is set at different rates for individual team members, based on their level of seniority and experience. Specialist rates range from $375 to $525, allowing us to compensate our team members fairly for their expertise and dedication.

This approach provides flexibility and transparency, ensuring you only pay for the precise services and expertise required.

Project-Based Pricing:

Our project-based pricing model is designed for those seeking complete solutions for specific marketing projects. These services are comprehensive and tailored to your unique needs. The cost for project-based services typically ranges from $10,000 to $100,000 per project, depending on the complexity and scale of the project.

Payment for these services is conveniently structured into thirds, with each installment due upon the completion of significant project milestones. This provides you with a clear roadmap of the project’s progress and allows for manageable payments.

Understanding that financial flexibility is essential for many businesses, we also offer in-house financing options. Clients who meet our approval criteria can finance for up to 30 months, ensuring that you can comfortably invest in the premium marketing solutions your business requires.


In this model, we charge based on reaching a particular target. This often includes some form of upfront payment and then a performance fee on top.

A simple example is running a social media influencer campaign that drives $200,000 in sales or signups in 24 hours. We’ll collect an upfront retainer to setup the campaign/tracking and earn 10% of trackable sales resulting directly from the campaign. In this situation, your business would generate $200,000 in revenue within a single day, with a portion of that – $20,000, plus the initial retainer – invested back into the campaign that drove this result.


Our retainer-based model is favored by many of our clients due to its predictability and ease of budgeting. This model ensures a consistent and dedicated partnership, allowing us to provide strategic, ongoing services to help your business grow.

The cost for retainer-based services typically ranges from $3,000 to $12,000 per month, reflecting the range and depth of the services we provide. To ensure a smooth and predictable billing process, we invoice monthly in advance on a set date, with payment due upon receipt. This enables you to plan your budget with confidence, knowing that your marketing needs are fully covered.


This model charges based on the value provided. It’s often the most desirable type of pricing model since revenue is completely detached from time.

A simple example is if we fix a $1,000,000 problem in a few hours (we have) we’d be naive to bill at an hourly rate. In this scenario we’ll structure a deal to land somewhere between 10% and 20% of the recovered revenue. This ensures a profitable and fair exchange of value – you experience a significant revenue boost or cost savings, and we are compensated for the tangible results delivered.

Bartering & Equity Agreements:

We recognize the value of diverse business arrangements and are open to discussions on bartering or equity deals. However, please note that we approach these agreements with a discerning eye and consider them on a case-by-case basis.

While we have entered into such deals in the past, our primary consideration is the proven track record of success for both the business and its leadership. We believe that this is crucial to ensure a mutually beneficial and sustainable partnership. Therefore, proposals for bartering or equity agreements are more likely to be considered if they come from businesses or business leaders with a demonstrated history of success.

*We accept all major credit cards, checks, and bank wires.

**Rates subject to change

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