Brand Guidelines

Create rules around a unified identity

  • Keep all your collateral consistent
  • Guideline act as a ‘legend’ that rules all elements
  • Consistency increases recognition
  • Focus increases perceived value
  • & More…
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Brand guidelines are important for a number of reasons.

First, they help to ensure consistency in how your brand is represented. This is critical in helping people to recognize and remember your brand. Brand guidelines also give you the flexibility to adapt your branding to different contexts and situations. For example, you might have different versions of your logo for use on different backgrounds or in different sizes. Brand guidelines can help you make sure that these adaptations still maintain the essential elements of your brand identity.

Brand guidelines are an important tool for any business serious about maintaining a strong and recognizable brand identity. By taking the time to develop clear and concise guidelines, you can help ensure that your brand will be consistently represented both internally and externally.